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My scholarly contributions and research have been in pain with an emphasis on ambulatory pain control.My clinical investigation and clinical observations in pain control at the ambulatory surgery center has helped guide my educational activities in the field of ambulatory pain and, have helped in advancing the reputation of our department as a center of clinical research and scholarly excellence. My clinical investigations have been conducted in the Ambulatory Surgery Center of Yale New Haven Hospital with scholarship related to this clinical research most often published with house staff,

Extensive Research Description

My research in ambulatory pain control can be divided into several subtopics as detailed below

1) Perioperative pain management in ambulatory surgery

My interest in the area of perioperative pain management in ambulatory surgery has led to clinical investigations, extensive literature searches and scholarship in this area. My pain research studies and scholarly contributions in the control of perioperative pain at the ambulatory surgery center aims at increasing awareness and improving pain control in ambulatory care centers worldwide. These works include:

. 2) Alternative therapies for perioperative treatment of pain in the ambulatory setting. Managing pain control in the presence of alternative therapies is a challenge and research in this area at the ambulatory surgery center in which I participate is ongoing

3) Analgesics for pain control in ambulatory surgery I have a long-term interest in the analgesics taken by patients for the control of pain who then present for ambulatory surgery. My scholarly writings and research efforts have been directed at increasing awareness of the use of these drugs, and suggesting ideal ways to manage pain in these patients safely within the ambulatory setting.

4) Regional blocks and Interventional pain management in ambulatory surgery

Regional blocks are one of the multimodal treatments used to control pain in the ambulatory setting. Patients with chronic pain presenting for ambulatory surgery sometimes have implanted pain control devices and perioperative management of these patients are a great challenge. My research studies and scholarship in these areas has always focused on safety first.

. 5) Research and Scholarship on perioperative pain control education for ambulatory surgery.

I have been involved in evaluating research surveys of patients undergoing ambulatory surgery at Yale, which found that physicians who are not trained in pain management treated 90 percent of patients for their painful conditions. This highlighted the need to educate all physicians and health care professionals in the field of pain management. The primary care provider helps to best achieve optimum pain management of pain patients in the ambulatory surgery center through preoperative preparation of these patients and postoperative care. This collaboration is best achieved by starting pain education early in one’s career, as in at the medical school level. Seeing this has led me to produce scholarly works in order to educate health care professionals so they can provide optimum pain management worldwide with special emphasis on pain management at the ambulatory surgery center.

6)Perioperative management of the opioid dependent, drug tolerant, drug dependent and substance abuse patient in ambulatory surgery

With the rapidly increasing numbers of patients with opioid dependence, substance abuse and addiction presenting for ambulatory surgery, I have an ongoing interest on how to improve the care of these patients in the ambulatory surgery center. As a result of clinical observations, intense literature searches and studies on the pain management of patients with drug tolerance, drug dependence and addiction, at the ambulatory surgery center, I and physicians from several national universities and international universities have researched and written several manuscripts on the topic and have also been an edited a textbook on the management of patients with Substance Abuse in the Outpatient Setting .

7) Pain management for specific surgeries performed in ambulatory surgery centers

I have focused my clinical research studies and scholarly works on pain control for specific surgeries in collaboration with several physicians who commonly performed these procedures in the ambulatory surgery center. My collaborative research efforts at the Yale Ambulatory Surgery Center have been performed in conjunction with Yale physicians in the Departments of Surgery Podiatry , Gynecology, Ophthalmology and Plastic Surgery.

8) Research in Caring for the palliative care patients in ambulatory surgery

. To further understand the problem of pain control in palliative care patients undergoing surgery in the ambulatory setting, as well to increase awareness of the challenge of caring for these patients.I have conducted research in collaboration with other physicians on the pain management of terminally ill patients and palliative care patients having surgery,

Selected Publications

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