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Meenakshi Alreja, PhD

Associate Professor of Psychiatry and of Neuroscience

Director, Minority Recruitment, Psychiatry Department

Director, Postdoctoral Affairs, Psychiatry Department

Research Interests

Acetylcholine; Electrophysiology; Glutamates; Interneurons; Kisspeptins; Memory; Neurobiology; Nicotine; Prefrontal Cortex; Psychiatry; Puberty; Signal Transduction

Bio Profile

Seth R Axelrod, PhD

Associate Professor of Psychiatry

Director of Dialectical Behavior Therapy Services, Yale-New Haven Psychiatric Hospital Intensive Outpatient Program

Director of Yale Instruction/Investigation/Intervention in Emotional Lability and Dysregulation (YIELD)

Research Interests

Behavior Therapy; Borderline Personality Disorder; Burnout, Professional; Mindfulness; Psychiatry; Stress Disorders, Post-Traumatic; Substance Abuse Detection

Bio Profile

Declan Barry, PhD

Associate Professor Term

Director of Pain Treatment Services, APT Foundation

Director of Research, APT Foundation

Research Interests

Chronic Pain; Culture; Opioid-Related Disorders; Psychiatry and Psychology; Psychotherapy; Substance-Related Disorders

Bio Profile

John E Beauvais, PhD

Assistant Professor of Psychiatry

Director, Clinical Neuropsychology Consultation Clinic

Director, Predoctoral Training in Psychology Service

Research Interests

Executive Function; HIV; Neuropsychology; Psychiatry

Bio Profile

Kevin L. Behar, PhD

Senior Research Scientist

Director, MRRC Neurometabolism Research Laboratory

Research Interests

Central Nervous System; Glutamates; Glutamine; Nuclear Magnetic Resonance, Biomolecular; Psychiatry

Bio Profile

Morris David Bell, PhD, ABPP

Professor of Psychiatry

VA RR&D Senior Research Career Scientist

Research Interests

Neuropsychology; Psychiatry; Schizophrenia; Veterans

Bio Profile

Hilary Blumberg, MD

John and Hope Furth Professor of Psychiatric Neuroscience and Professor of Psychiatry, and in the Child Study Center and of Radiology and Biomedical Imaging

Director, Mood Disorders Research Program

Research Interests

Adolescent Psychiatry; Bipolar Disorder; Child Psychiatry; Depression; Diffusion Tensor Imaging; Magnetic Resonance Imaging; Mood Disorders; Neuropsychiatry; Psychiatry; Suicide

Bio Profile

Kathleen M. Carroll, PhD

Albert E. Kent Professor of Psychiatry

Director of Psychosocial Research, Division of Addictions

Principal Investigator, Psychotherapy Development Center for Drug Abuse

Research Interests

Behavior and Behavior Mechanisms; Cognitive Science; Evidence-Based Medicine; Mental Disorders; Neurosciences; Psychiatry; Psychiatry and Psychology; Psychotherapy; Substance-Related Disorders

Bio Profile

Christian M. Connell, PhD

Associate Professor of Psychiatry

Co-Director, Division of Prevention and Community Research, Department of Psychiatry

Director, Child Development and Epidemiological Research, The Consultation Center

Research Interests

Adolescent Behavior; Child Abuse; Child Development; Child Psychiatry; Child Welfare; Evaluation Studies

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